A Friend to Set You Free

Friends love through all kinds of weather, and families stick together in all kinds of trouble.

Proverbs 17:17 MSG

How many friends do you have? Not acquaintances, not good time buddies, not co-workers or employees, but friends? Someone who knows you, the real you, and loves you anyways. There is freedom in friendship.

They say that friends are the family that you choose. True friends practice radical acceptance. They accept you no matter what. You’re free to be you.

They know your heart and they know you are more than the sum of all your behaviors. They practice grace and recognize that we’re all works in progress. They encourage your growth and are a safe place to confess your sins and pray for one another.

If they see you going sideways, they ask questions to see where your head, and most importantly, your heart, is at.

Friends don’t make the world go round, but they make the trip worthwhile. The easiest way to find a friend is to be one. Be friendly. Love without judgment.

Jesus is the model of what it means to be a friend. When you think of Jesus, remember that He’s your best friend, always loyal, always loving, always sharing the truth freely.

His disciples became His friends. We become friends of God as our hearts are transformed and we take on the mind of Christ and the heart of God. We become extensions of God’s Kingdom here on Earth.

There are three things that I think are essential in growing into a faithful and well-rounded disciple of Jesus. There are many other spiritual disciplines, of course, but these are the bare minimum in my estimation. They are the spiritual life support system that we need to survive and thrive.

These practices are things we need to do daily to continue growing in grace and Christ-likeness. They are all about staying connected with God and our friends.

Simply put, make it a daily practice to pray, read the Bible and fellowship.

Fellowship is simply a conversation with Christ as the anchor, what it always comes back to. What is God showing you lately? Where is He leading you? What has He been teaching you? Share your life in Christ with one another. It encourages and builds up our faith.

They were continually devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.

Acts 2:42 NASB2020

God is on the move. He’s removing the blinders and bringing revelation truth of His Word to our hearts and minds. Now, more than ever, the truth of God’s Word makes absolute sense.

When nothing in this world seems to be adding up, turn to God and place all your hope and trust in Him. He’s the One doing the work. We simply cooperate with His Spirit’s direction.

Think of being a disciple as being God’s dance partner. If you’re both trying to lead, you’ll end up stepping on each other’s toes. Trust me, God’s shoes cannot be filled by a mere mortal.

Let Him lead the dance. It’s a movement of grace. Trust your partner’s leading. Follow His movements and cues. Lose yourself in the expression of God’s love, freely poured out on all humanity, without reservation or judgment.

Once you learn the steps, teach your friends. As you progress, God will show you more advanced techniques. It’s a dance that never ends. Enjoy it with your friends.

May the abundant and never-ending grace of God fill your soul today. May you find freedom in Christ’s love and sacrifice. May the truth of God’s Word renew your mind. And may you be an expression of joy in the freedom you have found in Christ and may you share it freely with the world. Bless you my friends. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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