The Church That Goes

Preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching.

2 Timothy 4:2 ESV

Something exciting is happening. God is removing religion from our hearts so that we can become the people of God. The people of love.

It’s so simple love God. Love people. How are we doing at that?

Even I get caught up in a works mentality. If I do this and this and this, then God will be happy.

God’s already happy. He is not a cruel taskmaster. He just wants us to love people. If you read the Bible there’s all kinds of descriptions of what that looks like.

I like to keep things simple. Just love everybody. We’re not the judge, God is. And His judgment fell on His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

He traded His life for yours. Now He wants to do a switcheroo and trade your life for His. Leave your old life behind. Leave behind selfishness. Pick up the cross of dying to your self will and do God’s will.

That’s where we’re heading. People that go and do God’s will in the Spirit of Love. How do you know if you’re doing God’s will? Are you loving the people God puts in your life?

Ministry is loving people. It takes many forms. It’s not all teaching and preaching. It’s reaching the lost at any cost.

God loves these people, whoever they are. And He wants us to love them, too. Love is a relational bridge. It’s what binds us together.

We’re all in this together, so be ready. Share the hope that you have. I see a lot of angry and scared faces when I walk around. I got Jesus, I got no worries. Whatever happens I get to be with God forever.

Life is better with Jesus. Life is better with friends that love you without an agenda. Life is better lived in the light of His grace.

We’re all sinners and we all need a Savior. When you experience that it changes you. The Church is not a business. It’s the people of God loving other imperfect people.

God’s will is that we share this Good News. Share with everyone. Be unashamed of your faith in Christ. Let the Gospel become so common that everyone hears the truth.

God rescues us from our sin. He puts His Spirit in us to give us the ability to walk by the Spirit. We don’t have to live in sin. God’s offering a free way out. You just have to turn from selfishness and embrace a generous heart.

It really is the best news ever. Jesus took the punishment that we deserve for our sinful actions. And He offers grace and healing to all who come to Him.

Is today the day of salvation? Ask God to forgive you and then learn to walk with Him. Learn to walk in love towards everyone. We’re all the same. We all need Jesus. Share Him with a friend today. Share love and speak the truth. If they accept it great, you’ve made a friend for eternity. If not, who cares?

The important thing is to go and share. God will save them by His Spirit not by your eloquent words. Share Jesus. Preach Jesus. Let’s put an end to apathy. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen and so be it! Revival is coming.

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