God First

Jesus answered, “My kingdom is not of this world. If My kingdom were of this world, My servants would be fighting so that I would not be handed over to the Jews; but as it is, My kingdom is not of this realm.” Therefore Pilate said to Him, “So You are a king?” Jesus answered, “You say correctly that I am a king. For this purpose I have been born, and for this I have come into the world: to testify to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth listens to My voice.”

John 18:36‭-‬37 NASB2020

I love truth. And why not? Satan is the father of all lies. God cannot lie. As an evangelist, I proclaim the Gospel and declare truth. I don’t argue and I don’t debate. I simply speak what the Spirit gives me in the moment and leave the results up to God, who works all things according to the counsel of His will.

God created us to be fearless in this world. If God is for us, who can be against us? Nothing can separate us from the love of God. He will never leave us nor forsake us. He is with us in the fire.

The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. Prophecy is God revealing eternal truth before it manifests. God is not time bound like mortals. He knows everything that’s going to happen because He exists in all times at the same time. He’s already experienced the future we have yet to walk in.

Jesus said, “Everyone who is of the truth listens to My voice.”

That’s true. Before Jesus walked the Earth, the prophets of old listened to the voice of God. That’s where most of the Old Testament came from. The people who loved the truth in Jesus’ day also recognized that He was the Christ. The religious leaders, who loved power and prestige rather than God, hated Him and wanted to kill Him.

Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. God doesn’t change. Everyone who is of the truth listens to His voice today. God is still speaking to His servants. God is not dead. He didn’t abandon us. We still can walk and talk with God just as Adam and Eve did in the Garden.

What are some of the things you are struggling with? God has an answer. Yet, it seems He’s the last One we go to until we have exhausted all our other options. At least, that’s the way it’s been for me most of the time. That’s something I want to change.

It’s time we righteously represent the Kingdom of God here on this Earth. Our time here is temporary. Our eternity will be spent in the presence of God, why not start living today? Practice the presence of God. Abide in Christ. Remain in love. Let go of your carnal identity and be who God created you to be. His child. A vessel of His Spirit. A son, a daughter, of the King.

The Kingdom of God is not of this world. It did not have its origins in the mind of man. We are not our own. We were bought with a price. Jesus poured out His blood to redeem a rebellious people and He poured out His Spirit to create a new humanity. One that does the will of our Father in Heaven.

Be encouraged. Nothing can stop God’s plan. Rejoice in the Lord. Again I say, rejoice. For the joy of the Lord is our strength. Not our wisdom, nor our might. It’s the Spirit of the Lord, working in us, that leads us, motivates us and sanctifies us.

God’s got this. God’s got us. Let’s give Him the glory He is due. Amen.

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